Focussing  on food so that everyone can be involved. We focus on the good experience, too. We are an informal house but love quality, local produce and a natural environment.


We have different variations of beer from the local brewery. Our coffee is locally roasted, organic cold drinks, and our cocktails delicate and wines for every taste and price.


Wide range of surfboards and wet suits in all price groups for both children and adults - whether you are a beginner or a advanced surfer. Come in and we'll help you safely to the water.

In our store you can find everything from Danish clothing brands for children and adults, interior for your home, surfing equipment and organic skin care products. 

the idea behind havs

The North Sea is the foundation and our fuel that creates the framework for our companies.
The name HAVS has been created because we spend most of our time on and by the sea, and love to be in /close to the raw element, but also because of our close cooperation with the fishermen.


We are two local families who returned from the big cities. Consisting of Kasper and Bella Brix and their daughter Liv, Jonas Brix who is the brother of Kasper, Christian Middelbo and Jette Nielsen,

and their two boys Willum and Benjamin.

We have teamed up on this new project - HAVS. The former concept "Peter Baadsmand", which has been a legendary house and nationally known, had become tired, and unfortunately one could not maintain the same flow as when the city was full of young people. Like many others,

we have great love for this unique house, and have therefore chosen to help the house to get back on track and riding the wave again.


"We want the house to get busy again so it will become a year-round public house, where all age groups shall feel welcome. We also want to create a new modern cultural center, where everything can happen and all wishes are welcome - young and old."


We want to create a public house where we put the experience and people in focus. Create a place where the quality of our raw materials are good and local, as well as a desire for future greater cooperation with our local fishermen. Our staff is accommodating, but we love the informal and relaxed environment, which is why we do things in our own way.


There shall be space for everyone, and therefore we also hope that you will help us create this unique house where the natural environment is respected.

listen to Kasper Brix telling abour havs